Project Catastrophe Memorial

Hey guys,

If you’re visiting this site I assume you’re checking up on us. Sad to say there are no current plans to bring Project Catastrophe back. I thought it would be good to at least redirect the domain to a place where you could at least contact one another. Hope you are all well and still can remember the good times!




273 thoughts on “Project Catastrophe Memorial

  1. Wish we could relive the old memories, no greater time that enjoying my summers playing the eco and spawn server. It was something about the eco server that just made it so enjoyable, everything was hard to come by. Great fucking times.


  2. Miss the good ol’ simplicity of pking at clan wars and edgeville in this great game. RIP always remember!! Also add me on osrs for anyone who still plays 🙂 Im_Kudu


  3. Bring back this server. Man the times i had on this 11 years ago is just gold. Grinding weeks for Dragon Claws (5000 credits)


  4. Still miss this game! Osrs just doesn’t have the same feel, also does anyone remember when Mod Matt uncovered the fact that Mod Erika was actually a bloke 😂 great times.


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