Project Catastrophe Memorial

Hey guys,

If you’re visiting this site I assume you’re checking up on us. Sad to say there are no current plans to bring Project Catastrophe back. I thought it would be good to at least redirect the domain to a place where you could at least contact one another. Hope you are all well and still can remember the good times!




182 thoughts on “Project Catastrophe Memorial

      1. More people have joined the Discord so there’s now a rank for PC and a private text channel for us. Please PM me (Tyr0_) if you’re from here please 🙂


  1. Hmk. On the off-chance I came to have a look around to see if this server was still running. Does Andrew check this? If so hit me a reply back.


    1. Yooo alll PC community join dreamscape, youll recognize a few items from pc ;P. Its alot of customs on the game pretty fun add me when you join at “jray8967″and ill give you a nice welcoming gift.


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