Project Catastrophe Memorial

Hey guys,

If you’re visiting this site I assume you’re checking up on us. Sad to say there are no current plans to bring Project Catastrophe back. I thought it would be good to at least redirect the domain to a place where you could at least contact one another. Hope you are all well and still can remember the good times!




248 thoughts on “Project Catastrophe Memorial

      1. More people have joined the Discord so there’s now a rank for PC and a private text channel for us. Please PM me (Tyr0_) if you’re from here please ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I played this rsps back in 2010 had a blast. now i came back to see if it is still alive and sadly the game has been removed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  2. Hmk. On the off-chance I came to have a look around to see if this server was still running. Does Andrew check this? If so hit me a reply back.


    1. DUUUUDEEEE you used to be one of the best brid pkers, you actually taught me how to PK lol.
      But then you turned into a noob like everyone else and lowered your CMB level, wore that dragon plate with veracs and d claws. They were some sad times when people went from bridding to prodding.


    1. Yooo alll PC community join dreamscape, youll recognize a few items from pc ;P. Its alot of customs on the game pretty fun add me when you join at “jray8967″and ill give you a nice welcoming gift.


  3. Really wish this would come back, it’s been so long and I’ve even tried asking Alex to re open it but don’t think this will happen haha ๐Ÿ˜ฆ my ign was Drugs


  4. Hey guys, Tash here or “Sky Baby” if some of you remember me. Hope all are well. Don’t play any games really anymore but will still be excited to see this one back to life!


  5. Wow just saw this site when goin through one of my old ipods loool. Shoutout to noah, schyler, and andrew reeeeee and whoever else i was friends with
    -Iredd/justin/god2k3(before I gave it to axxkon or w/e ur name was XD)


  6. Great to see so many people still here. It’s crazy that it’s been 9 years since the start of a journey and some good friendships I still cherish. Would love to see something happen for nostalgia sake. Hope everyone is well.


  7. Lovely to see that you’re all doing well.

    I’m hoping someone will create some sort of forums for us to get together again. If so, you may contact me via email or leave a comment here.


  8. fucking destroyed this nab named smough at ::drags he was bottin like a completely ass report he i sent vid to yourube


  9. lmfaooo litty ye i dropped that kid smough like 2 days ago at ::train mining3 shit was str8 up NUTTY fam gg masamune


  10. Hi all,
    Iโ€™d like to focus our small community on a better platform than WordPress.
    Join: Say Hi and your old ingame name so we can recognize you ๐Ÿ™‚

    If it gets some attention iโ€™ll consider trying to make a replica of PC based off what I can remember off a similar source. I should be able to develop the client well enough (since I have alot of experience on clients in higher revisions that have no public refactor). But this is a maybe due to stuff like hosting costs and time worth that would need to be accounted for.

    I used to be โ€˜Xitraโ€™ on PC.



  11. Clowndkg / Laddzy – Still missing this game at almost the end of 2018, the memories of my childhood… Hope you guys are all doing well


  12. I’ve been looking PC up on google all night now. So funny and a bit surreal to look back at these days. Does anyone by chance know ‘anthonyisgod’? He gave me membership back then โค


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