Project Catastrophe is coming back?

Hey guys!

Long time no speak. So I was recently contacted by an old member of Project catastrophe and was asked to try and put PC back online. I may have a free weekend coming up with which I can dedicate to returning the old forums to their former glory. The likelihood is that the server won’t go up at the same time, if at all, but the forums should still contain all their old contact.

Hope to see some of you back again.



47 thoughts on “Project Catastrophe is coming back?

    1. Andew,

      You should put PC back online,
      i would be ready to donate a amount of money and bring this server alive again.. used to be childhood.

      Def Lugo


  1. Ey!

    I’m currently working on a “re-creation” of Project Catastrophe with a friend. If anyone can fill me up with what I need to add, please add me on skype šŸ˜‰ marius.loeften. We’re starting with a blank delta 317 and will spend alot of time making this happen, therefore I appreciate as much help as I can get.

    Best Regards,


  2. super excited to see this coming back, dedicated alot of time and money to this server and would love to help generate ideas and help with whatever is needed financially and maintain upkeep etc.


  3. This was my middle school life. Acientzz here if you guys remember… Now that I have a decent income I can definitely help finance this project!


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  5. Hi all,
    I’d like to focus our small community on a better platform than WordPress.
    Join: Say Hi and your old ingame name so we can recognize you šŸ™‚

    If it gets some attention i’ll consider trying to make a replica of PC based off what I can remember off a similar source. I should be able to develop the client well enough (since I have alot of experience on clients in higher revisions that have no public refactor). But this is a maybe due to stuff like hosting costs and time worth that would need to be accounted for.

    I used to be ‘Xitra’ on PC.



  6. This was the Golden age of rsps. every other server these days is no good. anyone have a decent server they play hit me up on discord Chubby#1544


  7. brooo i miss playing project catastrophe! smacking 80’s with masamune’s and resetting my skills to pk however i’d like. then locking them so i don’t lvl in wildy. lmfao my first pk vids on my youtube acc where from project catastrophe pking with a hypcercam unregistered. LMFAO! also my ign was ” xxpure1234″ lots of people probably remember me. i was big with server staff. and prestige 3 through out the server, on the highscore leaderboards for most total level. all 150’s all skills, and 3x prestiged. lmao and i had so many items in that game( yeah it was a ::pickup) but still. my bank was juicy lmao… i miss this rsps so much. #RIP#ProjectCatastrophe#ServerLegends


    1. also miss the bandos scims’ bandos whips’ bandos shields ! god damn what an amazing player item shop that server had ! . bring back PROJECT !!!


  8. I Miss this rsps so much, was by far favorite one even to this day. Usernames were Xd123, loljoe, real joe, corrupt bone, corrupt maul


  9. Man, I miss this game so much. Haven’t been able to play any RSPS in years after it shut down. Nothing hits the same. If anybody remembers me, add me on Discord. Qubasa#8136. My IGN was NoahJames4 and NoahJames6.


  10. Been a long time. No rsps hits like this one. Was definitely immature back then but I’m wayy different now. I would love a fresh start on this rsps.


  11. Still fun to check in every now and again. Would love to see some form of reunion sometimes. Add me on Runescape if anyone wants do chat up: Arcena.


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